Feedback on Dreams

Yesterday, when I composed the contents of my dream into words, I sent the blog to friends for feedback. Feedback is such a great thing to open yourself to. I am so grateful to have friends who I can turn to for it. Thank you, my lovely friends. I’m sharing your beauty and wisdom.

Here’s some of the valuable beauty I got back:

Thank you for sharing with me. I just finished a first reading and want to read again. First blush response is your work over the years allows you to see more clearly when to say yes, no, stay, or go. Good to look back and see how you have grown.
More thoughts. Your writing is exceptional. Honest, insightful, and the construction with your dream was brilliant.
So you talked about the pattern of giving your all
And then becoming exhausted
And then this: Was I wrong to give the relationship a third effort? I broke up with him after day 3 of our meeting because I was overwhelmed by his energy level and couldn’t see myself keeping up with him. I let him talk me out of that.
You identified very early that there was a mismatch
And you let him talk you out of your own judgement
I have really benefited from taking more heed of my early impressions
And also I have worked on letting go of persuasion
If one is trying to talk another into a new relationship, that is a clear sign to go no further
For both parties.
(All of the above is from one of my ex’s who is a wonderful supportive friend to me)
Hi Laurie, I am just seeing this and am trying to view the blog post but having trouble. We are driving to (undisclosed) so I’ll try again once we arrive & have WiFi. I’m sorry about these hard times for you as break ups can be so hard & confusing, but it can also allow growth in beautiful ways. You are incredibly smart, soul full & sensitive in a way that I would trust your intuition & decision. I’ll give feedback about your blog once I can read it. Sending Love
(From a fellow yoga teacher who has shown me more grace than any other human I know)
Oh Laurie 😢

️ I have been in a few controlling relationships when I was in my 20’s. I felt I needed to be loyal while I was slowly dying inside and didn’t realize it. I was a shell
of myself and totally dependent. 
Yes a relationship takes two but when you loose your sense of self, it’s unhealthy. I don’t really know how to advise you other than you HAVE TO take care yourself to be able to love someone. He needs to allow you to have a sense of self and you need to know that too. 
That was great therapy. Something writing is the medicine we need to see and understand.

(From another fellow yoga teacher who possesses the ability to express emotions in such a clear, honest, and heart-felt way – she’s been married a real long time)
I invite friends to offer more feedback below in the comments. I love the sharing of wisdom and understanding, so please don’t hold back.
Big love.

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  1. Bryan was like a love tornado, girl. You got knocked down, thrown around, picked back up, whipped about, and tossed back down again (energetically). Skeleton Woman, arise. Let the beatings not keep you down. Too much love can be disastrous. It is one’s passion that brings them down; it’s the same thing that lights you up. ~meditation cushion thought by LM

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