Bella Luna’s New Home

Bryan used to work with Danny in Scottsdale, AZ. They were friends for years. When Bryan decided to start his new life in Denver in May with me, neither of us was sure how we would manage the responsibility of having a pit bull in such a populated place. She was used to having her own back yard, a doggie door, and plenty of space where no other animals crossed her path. Here in Denver our furry friend was plagued by so many sounds, so many close-by pets, having to stay in an apartment and wait to be walked to go potty, and being highly confined in the space that we have.

There were a lot of changes that she wasn’t crazy about. For the safety of all the pets that reside in our complex, for our peace of mind, and for the sake of doing what is right, Bella now serves as House Mom with Danny, and Danny’s roommate both of whom are single dads. Bella’s getting lots of love from a variety of characters, now, in a one-and-only-one-pet home and we hear that she’s doing very well. We are so grateful for all the kindness people have shown us during this transition. We’re sad to let Bella go, but grateful we got to choose the most loving home we could for her and believe that where-ever she goes, humans will be blessed to have her just as she will be blessed to have them.

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