The Unblocking of Obstacles

There’s a lot of energy behind the idea of unblocking an obstacle. I always think of constipation when I think of blockages – and I treat such issues with lots of water, fresh apples, and citrus. Movement also helps to budge obstacles; likely the more rapid and vigorous the movement, the quicker the unblocking can happen.

There’s been a few obstacles over my 48 years of living; not all of them solved by movement and fresh fruits and beverages. It’d be a heavy project to try to write each one down. I know all lives face obstacles. Each tender human faces so many obstacles, in fact, in just one day. Some people don’t even blink about it as they crash right through their obstacles. I’m swinging like a pendulum through this one.

This morning, I had agreed to teach yoga at 6am. Today, Bryan decided, would be the day he leaves for Arizona to leave Bella at her new forever-home in Mesa.  I’d originally decided to go with Bryan for this venture. However, we faced financial obstacles to my feeling good about taking the time to go with him instead of earning income. I felt that it would not be good for me to drop all the classes I’d agreed to sub or to try to find a sub for the permanent classes I’d have to miss. Yoginis like consistency and constancy in their teachers, so every time I ask for a sub it sends a message to the students who show up. Essentially, I’m trying to be the change I seek and Bryan’s having to leave to bring Bella to another home – to finish up some unfinished business – it’s all feeling like an obstacle to my happiness.

However, Bryan has taken the view that having Bella with us is an obstacle to our safety and well-being. She was a risk factor that we were not handling well enough. Let’s face it, no big animals should be stuck in little apartments. Especially not a pit bull whose upbringing makes her feel threatened by all other furry critters. Especially in a city where pit bulls are banned.

I can’t say that the removal of all obstacles is pleasant. This one has been downright heart-breaking.

Helen Palmer nailed it this weekend in our Deepening Spiritual Awareness workshop when she hinted that we can’t move on to bigger and better things when we’re hanging on to the details of what no longer serves us.

The joy of our freedom will be tempered by our sorrow over losing Bella’s company. Her presence is a gift, though not an easy one to handle.

May my sweetheart be at ease, may his (and Bella’s) heart know mostly peace; may his driving be inspired and his path lead clearly back to me.

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