This morning, as I got comfy on my meditation cushion, I suddenly had an overwhelming longing for my teacher, Christina Sell. I welled up with emotion over the gratitude I feel for the two immersions I’ve done with her so far, and found myself in absolute longing for her presence, her voice, and her instruction. I crave the puja experience with her, I long for the presence of a room full of yogis who all look to her with tremendous honor; to feel the wealth and breadth of her life experience – dedicated to service. I report this with the deepest heart-felt gratitude, respect, and joy for the way that the whole thing continues to unravel. I absolutely cannot wait until June 8th when I will see her again. I thank Ganesha for bringing it all together and helping move away the obstacles that had been holding me back from the beautiful space and energy that I am currently experiencing under her guidance.

Every morning, Bryan and I have been pulling a Ganesha card as a dedication. We have been choosing one for both of us, without asking any pointed questions. Today, I felt that we should each pull one, and that we should each have a question to bring forth. My question is related to my inability to handle other people’s energy. It’s the reason I ran from Bryan before. It’s the reason I left my office management job at Quincy Place. I don’t know how to handle other people’s negative energy and stay calm and functioning in my role. I asked my question in a way that indicated I’m looking for guidance on handling energy and staying focused, calm, and in control of my own faculties.

I pulled Harmony. Here’s the reading:

You deserve to feel good about your existence

This card is symbolic of your personal beliefs and what will bring you happiness in your life. Ganesha is asking you to remember to radiate warmth and energy. Take some time to reflect on your personal values and attitudes. What do you believe will bring you the outcomes you are longing for in order to have a complete and happy life?

The color orange can refer to a period of socializing, activity and new adventures. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra and is associated with the sexual organs and reproductive systems. It can symbolize happiness and love. We store our feelings, emotions, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy and connection in this domain. How deserving do you feel? When you feel that you deserve good, you treat yourself well and require that others treat you well also. When the sacral chakra is clear and the energy is in balance, you are friendly, compassionate, and empathetic with a concern for others. You will experience a very strong sense of belonging.

Feel good about your life. Enjoy time with friends and do what is necessary to bring yourself in alignment with what you want from the relationships in your life.

~ looks like I should just worry about making a life that makes me happy?


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