The 4th Month

Here we are, in April.

This past week, I submitted my two week notice at work. I got approved to drive for Lyft, I got approved to teach Wall Yoga as a sub, and I took a training class that burned every inch of fat on my body off. Things are shifting, changing, and looking different. Welcome, spring!

I’m reattached to Bryan. The cord that binds us is being lit up with all kinds of activity and communication right now. I’ve reconnected to my family thanks to Bryan showing me the app called Marco Polo. I’ve communicated with Zac, Chris, Jen, Mom, Dad, Mike, Ellie, Tommy, and Abbie. So much fun! So time consuming! I love the app because we get to see each-other face to face. We each get to say our sentences in full before anyone can respond so we can’t interrupt each other!! It’s like I always wanted when it comes to communication with family – they have to hear me before they can say a word. Feels like a gift from the Universe.

I’ll get approved to drive for Uber this coming week. I sub two classes this week. My last day on the job as an “office manager” will be April 15th and I’m trying to figure out what a schedule will look like for me following the 15th:


  • Drive from 6am to …. ?
  • Take yoga class @….
  • Meditate @
  • Swim 2 miles @
  • Go for bike ride @
  • Eat @
  • Read from…

Seriously? This open-ended freedom can be overwhelming because you can accidentally get caught up in five hours worth of communicating on Marco Polo instead of doing what needs to be done. This is going to take discipline on my part. Diligence. Clarity of mind. Vision. OMG.

Now, I teach a yoga class today at 9:30 – it’s Easter. It’s also Passover. I am going to research how these tie together and find a Sutra that somehow applies to wrap the practice together.

Passover is a festival of freedom. It commemorates the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and their transition from slavery to freedom. This is a very brief explanation of the holiday, but I hear Bob Marley in my head. Exodus!

Easter is a tradition that commemorates the death and re-birth of Jesus Christ who is thought to have died for the sins of all who believe. I believe he came more as an example to show us all how we can live our lives on Earth to serve God (also, to serve the natural order of things). He wasn’t saying, “go on, live luxurious lives of no worries because I have died for you and you can do anything you want.” He said, “Pick up your cross and follow me.” I think a lot of Christians don’t grasp this concept, and that’s okay. It isn’t for me to judge. It is for me to be the change I seek. In teaching the yoga, I see the parallel here of one-pointed focus. Jesus chose to remain steady in a place where he knew he would be executed. He could’ve killed his opponents. He could have pitched a holy fit screaming that it just wasn’t fair. He could have succumbed to the temptation to become a powerful ruler that takes over the land – ruling in a way to get rid of those who persecuted him and the carriers of his message – but his message was of love and compassion, of surrender and gentleness. To kill your opponents under such a banner is to contradict your own leadership. His heart was aligned with the source of all creation. He went humbly and gently to his death to show us all that death is not the enemy or the destroyer of what is.  That there are things more powerful than the taking or giving of one’s life; and it’s called love. For love is the source of all existence. Ah, sigh, for the beauty.

I don’t know how this will flow out of me as I teach. But now, for the sutra that applies.

Sutra 3.56: Absolute freedom is when purity of being is identical with pure being. (Translation by Kofi Busia) 

Yoga helps lead us to absolute freedom – just as the Jews were led to freedom, just as Jesus led us to freedom.

Straight up: I have no idea how to verbally tie these together and make sense of them – but I trust that as I meditate on this information and go to the club and move through some poses on my own before class begins, the right words will come to me, and the class will go smoothly. Then, I’ll report to my second to last Sunday on duty at the retirement facility and see what kind of craziness unfolds there.

Anything could happen today. All I want is to be able to bear my best witness to it all and facilitate love in the most beautiful way possible. Happy Easter.



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