I am obsessed now with teaching yoga at as many places as I possibly can. I no longer want to limit my mobility. Thus, I walked to a dealership yesterday and found a 2008 Subaru Outback. I am advertising now to share my apartment with someone so that I can afford a used Subaru. I can afford my expenses, just barely, living on my own as long as I don’t buy a car or any more shoes, clothes, or expensive meals out. If I find someone today that I believe I can share with, I’m going back and getting the Subaru. I almost did it last night, but they made me wait so long for the finance guy that I lost nerve and walked out on them. My car payment was slated to be around $145 a month. The insurance with Geico was going to be $183. That’s an extra $328 a month in living expenses, not including the gas and oil changes, etc. I advertised that I’d share my place for $450 a month. If you’re interested, hurry up & let me know.


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