Critical Energy

I noticed last night as I sat in quiet reflection that I was experiencing thought processes (or ‘mental events’) that were critical in nature. In other words, they were thoughts that were wrapped around how things aren’t the way they should be. Things are wrong. Critical. Employers want critical thinkers. It’s critical that we each understand that we have strengths and weaknesses as human beings. I noticed these thoughts. Judged myself a little, and uttered the words, “Critical Energy” with the understanding that this type of energy seems non-productive. You know? If someone criticizes me, I tend to shut down. I withdraw. I feel bad about myself. I want to hide and maybe just disappear. This happens with most people, I suspect, under the rays of critical energy.

Those words, though, when they came out… I was prompted to Google them. So, I did.

Here’s what I found: Critical Energy – the science

The link will take you to a very short explanation about electrons and positrons. Truth: I don’t know what a positron is. However, last night I became fascinated by the science of this. I feel certain there’s a connection between the measurable flow of energy that is used to light homes, move vehicles, and refrigerate buildings and the energy in the human body as related to thoughts and feelings and how they impact the body. The relationship may have been proven by someone else, already. I don’t know. But, it reminds me of how when I took physiology at a community college in Des Moines, IA in 1995 I was absolutely stricken by how cells operate so much like human beings. There’s a relationship there, too. All of existence is related. Our realities are reflected in everything we see. It’s amazing and miraculous to be alive and in human form on Earth but you’ll never see, feel, or appreciate that as long as you’re stuck in critical mind figuring out how things are just wrong.

After I read the contents of the above link, I wrote to my engineer sister and asked her if she automatically understood this link because she’s an engineer. Perhaps she looks at it and it makes total sense to her and she can explain that there’s no connection between the energy of humans and the energy that animates light bulbs. She didn’t respond. Can studying particle physics lead me to greater understanding of human nature? Sure. Is it critical that I do that? Nah.

But it’s great to be able to share this with whomever endeavors to read this. I also Googled “bremsstrahlung.” I was fascinated.  Suddenly, I realized I am really ready to take physics. I remember in highschool I went to physics class but everything was beyond me. Either I completely lacked interest, or I could not understand why studying such boring details may benefit me. I couldn’t get into it then, but I’m ready now. Like 40 years later, Mr. Fraga, where are you? (He was my physics teacher and I’m not sure if I spelled that name correctly, but he was my second least favorite teacher next to the guy who taught Trig, uck.) If any readers have any recommendations on good beginner reading for this type of study, please comment below. Thanks.


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