I’ve been busy.

Having a new partner and then being concerned that I am choosing that partner for the wrong reasons or am missing the blatantly obvious thing about being with him that will make me regret my decision-making. Can i settle down with this sweetheart any better than i have with anyone else?

He wanted me to quit my job and find one closer to his place. I’m not going to do that. He wants me as his roommate as opposed to some other middle-aged male or female who is dealing with issues related to being unable to afford their own private unit. It’s nice to have someone you’re affectionate with to share the burden of living in this tumultuous society. There is much to love about Mark.

There is much to love about my job and the team i work with.

I rented a car yesterday. Mark is in Georgia visiting his mom and her husband with his son. I put my pad on Air B and B. I have 3 upcoming bookings. One is for the entire month of February. I’m stoked. But i have lots of work to do getting this place ready to be just a rental. Then, we are listing Mark’s spare bedroom as an Air B and B rental, as well. I hope to buy a car and drive for Uber a couple days a week. Or maybe some yoga studio action. I don’t know yet. New shapes and directions all forming due to the high expense of living near these rocky mountains. Necessity is such a strong force and I am really blessed to be alive and well and facing life with a partner I enjoy.

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