Dear child,

I see your meek heart and your mercy.

I know all that you’ve done, the good and the bad.

The “bad” is merely the struggle to find what you believe you need to stay in human form.

The “good” is because you see that you have exactly what you need to act from a place of love.

I see your suffering.

Would it hurt to put down all the things that defile you and come sit with me for a while?

Hold still and take a look at all you’ve been through.

Let your memories and thoughts come as they will, watch them and just breathe.

Focus on your breath and let the thoughts and memories go gently.

No need to grasp, no need to cling. Release. Where you are going, you won’t need them.

It was all just to bring you through this lifetime, so you could see humanity’s true nature which is in fact, love.

We are one.

(Image credit:

Reason for image: When I studied biology – at some point in my life – I was stricken by how much cells in bodies are like humans in the world. Amazing. Miraculous. Beautiful. Awe. Love. But also gross, freaky, weird, unbelievable, and truly beyond our ability to comprehend. We think we know. Hahaha)

So the non-poem / letter came because I allowed myself to drift gently through thoughts of my mother and her prayers. I wondered, what would God say back to her? It’s been edited five or six times since it began and I still don’t like it but – like all of this blogging business so far – I’m doing it anyway. Cheers! I love you, Mom. Unconditional. Peace.

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