The Unfolding

I am leaving for Denver, Colorado on Thursday, October 19th. I’ve had an ache to leave Arizona for a while. It’s increased at times, gone away completely at others. The unfolding is magical. I’m very busy packing and loosening my load so I can only transport a car full of what I need most to survive. Tricky business, figuring that out. But I cleared out of my former partner’s house today (still have to come back tomorrow for a few details). I’m temporarily back in to the apartment I subletted to a young man. Last night I slept there (in my own bed for the first time in six months) and he and I did yoga together and talked about healing. It was a blessing, but I think I broke a toe whilst coming out of a handstand – I’m walking fine but it feels a little funky. I consulted with Kathy about the toe (she does toe reading) and she says the toe that is hurt is my relationship toe. Yes, so many injured relations in my life. So much injury we all have and don’t see. It seeps into all that we do, unless we become mindful and aware. To be mindful and aware, we need meditation practices. It’s a discipline. I’ve not been disciplined enough with that. My relationship got hurt. So did my toe.

And then this morning, a flat tire. I had to spend $200 on two new tires. Universe protecting me? Or universe saying “stay right here?”

I’m going. I trust it is the right move.


  1. I love ❤️ your beautiful share and I love ❤️ you! Thank you for blessing my life in aAZ and giving me anither friend to visit in CO!!! Knowing only peace, love and goodness is yours now!!!


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