Starting Over

The year is 2017 and the month is October.

I’m starting my own website and blog today because I believe my life is taking new direction. Some people are really big on creating a vision – manifesting the reality they want, exactly as they want it. I don’t have a specific vision or a dream that I am pursuing. Instead, I like to say that I am on a path. I don’t know what that path has in store for me. The path is me offering to serve the universe however the universe sees fit. This website is part of it. My offering yoga, meditation, reiki, dharmic listening and sharing, and other “healing” services is what makes sense to me – these are the realest gifts I possess as a human being. To me, they are the things that make life livable and they are services that I have to offer with love and kindness.

If you’re reading this blog now, it may be because you have one of my business cards. It may be that you randomly found me. Whatever the reason, just know that this is the beginning of my newest commitment to myself, to love, and to life. I am offering you my unconditional love, an open heart with no judgments, and techniques that will help you to live the most loving, healing life possible. I crave authenticity, sincerity, open communication, and to see people change their hearts and minds for a life that is happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. My strongest belief is that we as individuals must be the change we seek. I want a world full of compassionate, loving people. That’s what I am starting over for. No more jobs to create wealth for other entrepreneurs. No more holding my words back to appease a boss who has a hard time with self-reflection. I really don’t want to work with co-workers who say and feel, “I don’t give a shit about these people.” I heard that this week. And you know? I feel that from so many people who work in service industries. It’s always surprising and delightful to meet people who are actually warm, welcoming, and genuine when greeting you in a business setting. It’s even more surprising when you actually find competence and thoughtfulness in a business’ service, you know? We’re all so busy, rushed, and overwhelmed by needs, demands, and information that we feel too pressured and bogged down to connect with the kindest, brightest, most wonderful parts of ourselves to sew into the work we do. It’s so vitally important to make time to connect to our highest potential.

So, with this website – this blog – I will present what has worked for me and others that I know and love, and if it works for you: Blessings! If not, at least you have the peace of mind that you looked, considered, and maybe even tried a new way of thinking, being, and adapting to life on Earth.

Stay tuned for more blogs as my “business” grows, develops, and takes shape. The path isn’t clear, but I know when one opens one’s heart and mind to all possibilities, amazing things can and do happen.



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